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You all know me pretty well and I am Vimala Balan, in-charge of ICC/Cupertino center. I always try to follow my mother's foot step who lived in Gandhian way helping all the people (all castes), animals and plants.I love to work at ICC for the following two reasons. First I am able to attend ICC senior members needs and make them happy while they are in the center. Secondly, ICC, even during bad economical condition takes care of Cupertino and Milpitas senior programs. Senior members feel ICC as their first home.

You may be wondering why do I registered for Walkathon and to your surprise there is a selfish motive. Now I practice walking which keeps me in good health. When you walk and at the same time with a purpose to it why not?

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  • Sevathon-2015


    Walk or Run 5K/10K /Half Marathon or Yoga 27/54/108 Sun Salutations.
  • Sevathon-2014


    Walk or Run 5K/10K /Half Marathon or Yoga 27/54/108 Sun Salutations in spirit of Seva.

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