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For over 10 years of industry experience, Union Delta has been truly a leading sourcing agent in all facets of China. We help to set up a supply chain for every business from small to medium, for business owners, CEO of large international companies, startups, and retailers or brand owners to develop prototypes and manufacture their products in China.

We have hundreds of successful manufacturing projects and numbers of product sourcing experience. Our own production facilities in Shenzhen, China and Guangzhou, China, which are known as the world's hardware silicon valley. We have our own R&D department for electronic products, and we manage all the projects and in-house production 100%.

For years of business experience in China, we have partnered with more than 100 factories with a network of more than 1000 factories across China that helps us expanding our opportunities which include custom electronics developing, metal products, kitchenware and construction materials, solar energy, industrial machinery, outdoor gears and camping products, plastic products, LED lighting, injection molding, silicone products, LCD and TFT displays development and mass production, medical packaging and etc.

In addition to our China-based team and warehouse, we also have a base in Atlanta Georgia that provides great support and fast response to customers, who are in the USA. We help USA companies with their product sourcing, procurement or components sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, product development, setting up and managing product supply chain and shipping. Our proven process ensures you and your investments to get a hight quality product at the best price, delivered in time and without any risk to you and your assets.

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