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Dear All, 
I am fundraising for the Indians for Collective Action, a cause very dear to me. To this end I will also be running in a 5K Run at the Sevathon - 2019. Please help me achieve my pledge of $5000. No donation is too big or too small. 
You can find more details regarding the project below 
Project Details:
The Problem
Today India faces a massive water crisis. 
  • More than 50% of India faces extremely high water stress. By 2030 India will have only half the water it needs.
  • Since 85% of India's water is utilized for agriculture, India’s farmers are the worst affected. 17,000 farmers commit suicide in India every year, millions more live in deep distress. 
  • Agriculture is no longer considered a viable occupation, leading to mass migrations from villages to slum cities. India has witnessed several farmer agitations over the past few years, and the problem is only getting worse every year.
The Solution
  • India's water shortage is essentially a man made crisis, resulting from deforestation, unplanned urbanization, and illegal encroachments which has disrupted the natural water cycle.
  • Geoscientists have developed solutions for reversing this damage using a method called integrated watershed management.
What we are doing about it
  • I am supporting an initiative by ICA to bring together some of the brightest people of Indian origin (IIT alumni) to address this issue. 
  • The goal is to eliminate water poverty in 200 of the most drought affected districts of India, impacting 200 million people.


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