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Dear Friends,

Children’s education is something that I’m quite passionate about. I strongly believe that it is through education that we can bring long lasting change in the world. It is with this goal in mind that I, along with some of my friends, founded ‘Voice Of a Child’ in 2006. This is the first year VOC is participating in Sevathon.

Please read about my causes below. If you are able to, please contribute any amount to help me reach my fund-raising target. Many thanks for your kindness. The funds raised from Sevathon will be used for the projects that VOC supports in India.

First Cause

The first cause that I’m supporting this year is the EverGreen Elementary School, a holistic school for low income families that I and my family started in my hometown - Kozhikode, Kerala (South India) - in 2006. The school is run by a registered public charitable Trust. My parents manage the day-to-day operations on the ground. I have been closely associated with the project since its inception. We have 130 children and 12 full time staff at the school currently. The age group of children range from 3 to 10 years. The school aims to impart holistic education at an affordable cost to the children living in the neighborhood - majority of whom belong to low income families.

We lay a lot of emphasis on building strong moral foundation in children. This includes developing love, care and respect for all beings in the universe. Imagine a world in which majority of the people live by these values, especially the leaders of our society - politicians, business men etc. Wouldn't our world be a much better place? Many studies have shown that our experiences during the early childhood period play a huge role in the development of our adult personality. The children of this age group are easy to mould and hence our focus on elementary education.

The school is operationally self-sufficient, which is an essential ingredient for the long-term success of the project. When we started, we remodeled a house and converted it into a school. Due to the popularity of the school, we will soon reach our maximum capacity and hence are looking into the expansion plans. I spent majority of my vacation time in India working on the project and continue to manage the affairs remotely once I return to US. You can see pictures from my latest visit in Jan/Feb this year here and can read more about the goals and accomplishments of this project on Voice Of a Child’s website.


Second Cause

The second cause that I’m supporting this year is the Pazhassi Raja Tribal School run by my friend’s father, Dr. Appanu Nambiar, in Wayanad, Kerala (South India). Voice Of a Child has been supporting this project for the last 5 years. The school gives education to over 250 tribal children in the remote forests of Wayanad. I visit the school every year during my trip to India. In January of this year, me and my family, visited the school and had an overnight stay at the school. It was such an inspiring experience to spend time with the children. You can see the pictures from our visit here and read more about the project on Voice Of a Child's website.


All the children at Pazhassi Raja School live in the school hostel with the teachers and are provided healthy meals, boarding, health care and education free of cost. The financial condition of the school has been in dire straits since last few years. The grants given by Voice Of a Child have helped pay part of the food expense of the children and salary of the staff. The school couldn't pay the salary of the teachers for close to 6 months until they got the grants from VOC. We also helped in the purchase of a van that is used for transporting sick children to hospitals and for bringing groceries. Our goal at Voice Of a Child is to help keep the school running and to reduce their financial burden to the best of our ability.

Assurance to donors
I realize that when funding any project, the main concern of the donor is regarding the scrupulous utilization of funds.  The people involved with both the projects have made huge personal sacrifices in order to develop these projects. You can rest assured that every penny of your contribution will be utilized to its maximum extend. Moreover, the accounts of Trusts that run both the schools are audited every year by reputed chartered accountant firms. Both the Trusts are registered as NGOs in India and come under the purview of the Income Tax Department of India.

I request my friends to contribute any amount that you are able to and help me reach the fund-raising target that I have set up for Sevathon. By working together, we can certainly make meaningul change in this world.

With kind regards and lot of gratitude, 



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