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This year, I am supporting Communication DEALL, an early intervention program for children with Autism in Bangalore, India.

Dr. Prathibha Karanth’s four decades long work and the steep increase in the number of families with children with Autism that sought her help, coupled with the total lack of concerted services for these children, even in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, eventually led to the setting up of the Communication DEALL program. The Communication DEALL program, is an entirely indigenous program that is geared to our particular socio-economic context.  Started in November 2000 with one unit in Bangalore and quickly spread to six units in three cities by June 2003. It has been serving thousands of children in India ever since.

Communication DEALL is a self-financed non-profit organization. Their clinical programs are self-sustained.  However it needs your support for two reasons. 

1. There are many children, whose parents cannot afford the fees. They welcome donations in the form of sponsorship, that is, total/partial support of the fees of such children.

2. They are currently functioning out of two buildings at Bangalore which are meant for residences in a residential area and are running out of space for our clinical activities. Adding more rented buildings is a temporary solution given that they are not designed to suit the needs of children with Autism and the organization. Therefore, they have been working very hard to raise funds for infra-structure, building and to expand thier clinical operations. 

Given the fact that there are very few systamatic early intervention programs in India for children with developmental issues, DEALL program is trying to increase the awareness among the professionals, parents and the community, about Autism and other developmental disorders and the importance of early intervention. Having a dedicated space is an absolute necessity to conduct trainings, camps, awareness programs, parent meetings and other community activities. 

Kindly join in their efforts in making a difference in the lives of children who need that extra help.   

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