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  • Siva purchased tickets for the event sevathon-2016 1882 days ago
    We appreciate you registering to walk/run/do yoga suryanamaskar for a non-profit of your choice. Sevathon-2016 promises to be a fun and vibrant event and we are very appreciative that you signed up...
  • Siva joined the Non-Profit Cancer Institute Foundation 2259 days ago
  • Siva purchased tickets for the event sevathon-2015 2259 days ago
    Online Registrations are closed.    Sevathon Day - Marathon/Walkathon/Sun Salutations Sunday July 12th at 6:30am Baylands Park, Sunnyvale Registration: Pre pickup of Bibs...
    • siminsanjay 2217 days ago

      I registered yesterday night but didn't get the confirmation email..How do I confirm?

    • ICC-Admin 2217 days ago

      Confirmation has been sent out ot all registered runners.  Please check your spam folders.  

      In case you still cannot fund your confirmation Please show up with your paypal receipt.


    • skoh 2217 days ago

      Can I still register on site tomorrow?

  • Siva purchased tickets for the event sevathon-2014 2620 days ago
    Walk or Run 5K/10K/Half Marathon or Yoga 27/54/108 Sun Salutations in the spirit of service.  Sevathon Race Results Sevathon 2014 Program Details Baylands Park, Sunnyvale, Sunday June...