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I am a Professor in the Bay Area and my laboratory studies the genetics of aging and age-related diseases.

Volunteering for  Freedom English Academy (FEA) has been one of the most gratifying experiences in my life. I have watched in awe how FEA transforms the kids into self-reliant and confident beings that go about achieving their goals with great zeal. It’s amazing to see how they change from when they start and cannot even make eye contact or simple conversation.

Simply learning English and life skills that we take for granted can more than doubles their income opportunities. Spending $200 per year to help a student boosts their income by at least 1200$ per year for the rest of their lives. The return on investment is amazing!

Helping these kids has now become a personal mission for me. As you know, I also helped initiate a mentorship program for these students, and we now have over 400 mentors worldwide.

Thanks for donating at my pledge page.

Pankaj Kapahi
FEA Mentorship Advisor 

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