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Brief description: Help realize our dream of establishing an Ayyappa shrine in the Bay Area!

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imageGreetings! As you know, I have been supporting various community organizations for the past few years. In the recent past, I have dedicated a considerable amount of time organizing various events for Ayyappa Samaaj. This is a 501c(3) organization with its primary mission being serving the Ayyappa devotees. Its dream has been to establish a shrine for Swami Ayyappa in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ayyappa devotees believe in the divinity in all. The main Ayyappa temple in the world, located in Sabarimala, Kerala, welcomes everyone, without restrictions of religion. People of all religions make the pilgrimage to this temple year after year.

Ayyappa Samaaj is a partner at Sevathan 2012, to raise funds and thus working towardrealizing the dream of establishing a permanent shrine for Lord Ayyappa Swami in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Please show your support for Ayyappa Samaaj by registering for Sevathon and specifying your cause as "AYYAPPA SAMAAJ"at this link.If you are unable to run, you can still support Ayyappa Samaaj by making a small donation at the right --> of this note.

Swami Saranam!!

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    Join us in realizing the dream of building a permanent shrine for Lord Ayyappa in SF Bay Area!
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