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Description: “Majettas Towing” provides professional towing, transport, flatbed trucks, rollback truck, mechanical knowledge, Transport light-duty equipment, emergency recovery services to the New Jersey area for vehicles of all types. With over 60 pieces of service equipment, our trained teams are ready and waiting for your call. “Majettas Towing” offers quality mechanical knowledge, quick response times, and courteous service technicians. Towing vehicles on flatbed trucks is one of the best safest methods to transport cars. There are so many services that offer Long distance towing of your vehicle. Some services gather different cars in one region that are all headed to the same destination. Sum up your car to a Big step can save your money. A flatbed towing truck uses a mechanical way to angle its a bed like a pitch, and the car needing a tow is then maneuvered onto the bed. Then, the flatbed is mechanical way lower back down to a flat state, the vehicles are ready to be towing.

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