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nike air jordan shoesdoesn't anticipate significantly competition in Barcelona.

"When you search at the talent (on the U.S. Olympic crew) and the groups we're intended to enjoy against, it's a massacre," he informed Inside Athletics. "It should by no means be near. We taught them the sport of basketball.

"We've acquired people who have the capability and the peak. We're speaking about the biggest players that play the recreation now, and the crew is the best group that is at any time been set with each other. Who's going to beat us? The Japanese? The Chinese?

"They can't match up to the athleticism we're going to have on this staff, not to mention the mental edge we're going to have with Magic, or whoever's going to perform the point. You have Stockton, Barkley, myself, Robinson, Chicken. Come on--these are the folks the Europeans look up to, so how can they conquer us?

"If any recreation is even near it will be a moral victory for Europe."

Trivia time: Who was the previous UCLA player to play for the U.S. Olympic men's basketball group?

Not what it looks: As component of a promotion this season, the Memphis Chicks of the double-A Southern League will give two fans an expenditures-compensated vacation to Paris and Moscow.

That's Paris, Tenn.

And Moscow, Tenn.

St. Ernest: An report in this week's U.S. News and Entire world Report, entitled "Saints in the City of Angels," contains a profile of Ernest Carr, a former Pepperdine basketball player and Dominguez High coach who is a vice principal at Centennial Higher in Compton air jordan 5 retro.

Carr, forty three, and his spouse, Teresa, work a foster property for six boys, ages 15-21, who have Down's syndrome, autism or other disabilities.

"His teams ended up observed for unselfishness and psychological toughness, but Carr was also recognized for his compassion," the magazine mentioned. " . . . Absent from the courtroom and the classroom, Carr is significantly the same."

Out of gas: When the New York Rangers survived the first spherical of the NHL playoffs, heart Mark Messier advised the Sporting Information: "The very first round . . . is usually a great deal like the Indianapolis five hundred. If you've ever noticed that race, there are an terrible good deal of crashes on the initial switch. Then it gets to be a marathon--a survival of the fittest."

The Rangers hit the wall Wednesday night time, when they have been eradicated from the playoffs in a next-spherical sequence in opposition to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Out of fuel II: Right after producing a useless slide at home to full an inside-the-park house operate, outfielder Gary Varsho of the Pittsburgh Pirates told reporters: "That wasn't a slide. I just couldn't stand up any longer."

Leaving 'em all shook up: The pitching employees from Tupelo Higher in Mississippi will not before long be examining into Heartbreak Resort.

Led by Kirk Presley, a third cousin of Elvis, Tupelo's pitchers this time have thrown 7 no-hitters and seven a single-hitters. As of Thursday, Presley was 10-1 for the Golden Wave with an earned-run typical of .34. The proper-hander pitched a perfect game on March 31, then threw a no-hitter towards the exact same group on April 21.

His mentor loves him tender.

A gun wouldn't have completed it: When pitcher Russ Springer was called up by the New York Yankees and informed to be a part of the team in Toronto, he experienced a hard time clearing Canadian customs. With no a passport, delivery certification, driver's license or voter registration card, Springer ultimately was permitted into the region after displaying a valid Louisiana looking license.

Trivia response: Walt Hazzard, in 1964. 6 other Bruins have performed basketball in the Olympics: Don Barksdale in 1948, and Sam Balter, Carl Knowles, Frank Lubin, Don Piper and Carl Shy in 1936.

Quotebook: Joe Kapp, coach at California when the Golden Bears utilized a five-lateral play by means of the Stanford band to defeat the Cardinal in 1982, right after being named mentor of the Sacramento Assault of the Arena Football League: "The first point I'm likely to do is recruit some Stanford band customers cheap air jordan shoes." air jordan 5 retro

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