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Each member of the J. LaSalle team is trained in all aspects of marketing, sales, and operations.

I’ve been successful in all levels of Marketing, Sales, Sales Management, Sales Leadership, Operational Development, and more! I’ve worked for very large corporations like ADP and HIBU, and I have built startups like Driven Local with partners. Driven Local made it to Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing 500 privately held companies. We debuted at #348. Then we made the Inc. Magazine 500/5000 list for three consecutive years, showing up at #709 in 2013, and #1509 in 2014 respectively.

I wanted to write a book that would help small and mid-sized business owners get a better understanding of the complete marketing picture. It’s not just a website. It is not just running some ads from time to time. A Unified Marketing Strategy connects the advertising messages and expectations to your sales team, and customer support. The goal is to help choreograph everything, and build a powerful system that keeps new customers flowing through the business.

Unified Marketing Strategy is my first published book and created to help business owners build successful systems within their organization, for CEOs to have a template to instruct and follow up with the C level executives on the big picture things to keep in mind, and marketing professionals to further develop their planning for the future.

I explain how to bridge all customer experience touchpoints from Advertising to Sales, to Operations and post-sale follow up.


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