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Dear All,

Namaskarams. This is my 5th year in Sevathon (3rd year in absentia). I've moved to India couple of years back and recently to Dubai, but  Isha Vidhya cause is very close to my heart and I decide to support Isha Vidhya from India participating in Sevathon. I'll be planning to run my 10K in Dubai this time.

Last four years in Sevathon has been amazing and I wanted to THANK YOU all for your your help & support which helped to support around 100+ kids for a year providing scholorship for their education.


  • In 2014, I was able to raise $1638 supporting 6 kids for a year.
  • In 2013, I was able to raise $7255 supporting 30 kids for a year.
  • In 2012, I was able to raise $5400 supporting 22 kids for a year.


This year I am participating again in absentia (from India) to raise Scholarship for $7500.

 Isha Vidhya provides education to rural kids. Isha Vidhya addresses a specific need that exists in rural villages in Tamil Nadu, where the parents of the kids are laborers and cannot provide quality education to their kids on par with their urban population. Isha Vidhya offers scholarships to majority of the kids by donation from various people around the world and help the kids in realizing their full potential by providing a quality education and environment for their growth.

Isha Vidhya currently runs 8 schools and this has had a great impact in the lives of villages in the surrounding locality. The schools presently cater to more than 3488 students from nearby villages, with approximately 60% (2050) of students on free education through donations from our scholarship program.

Many of us enjoying comfortable lives in India and US, owe our professional and personal success to the strong education foundation. Most rural families in India who cannot afford education for their children force the kids to work as daily laborers. Through Isha Vidhya we have the opportunity to offer education at its highest quality to first generation school goers.


I have been an Isha Vidhya Donor for past 4+ years. I've sponsored a child education continuously for these years. I really value theTransparency in the donation process, matching with a donor child and regular updates such as photograph of a child, a personal thank you letter and annual mark sheet convinced me on the impact Isha Vidhya was making in the lives of these children made a lasting impact on me. My experience with Isha Vidhya really motivated me to take this cause in Sevathon and raise more awareness.



I hope you can join me in my campaign and help to support the cause in whichever way possible however small or big your contribution may be, it will help the kids flourish through education.


Thank You for your support.

Regards & Wishes


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