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Office Room Air Conditioners

United MHC Portable HEPA-ready Air Filtration
Systems provide high volume air exchanges
required in abatement, dust control, and air
scrubbing on large job sites contaminated by
airborne pollutants. These lightweight and
portable Negative Air Machines and Air Scrubbers
produce up to 2000 CFM of filtered air movement
to efficiently improve indoor air quality in:
healthcare facilities, schools, hospitality venues,
construction sites, and light industrial

Developed to improve IAQ, HEPA filters effectively
remove contaminants such as bacteria, allergens,
mold and sub-micron sized dust. HEPA filters
capture 0.3 microns and larger at a 99.97% rate. United MHC has a range of small suit case sized filter systems to large professional grade air purification Negative
Air machines. Rugged, high-efficiency air filtration. Restore and maintain indoor air quality during cleaning,
remodels and remediation. Suitable for use in homes, light industrial settings, schools, and healthcare
environments wherever portable, efficient HEPA filtration is needed.

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