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Eben Forrest Craniosacral

155 30th St.
Boulder, CO 80305

Phone: 303-578-8573

Email: eben@ebenforrest.com

website : https://www.ebenforrest.com

Craniosacral Therapy helps you get what is important to you fast. It is more than a massage, it opens you up to experience more of life. It is particularly good at helping relieve people suffering from stress, pain, and anxiety.Craniosacral Therapy can help you, it is a hands-on treatment where the client stays clothed and comfortable. The therapist uses their hands to feel for craniosacral rhythms. This lets us know a lot about how a client's nervous system is working. The therapy is slow and relaxing because we know that when bodies can relax they have an easier time healing.

Category:  craniosacral therapy, Alternative therapy, craniosacral massage, craniosacral treatment, anxiety

Monday-Sunday : 11.00 AM–7.00 PM

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