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Telephone: (216) 666-5799

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Is your hot tub not doing its job? Let us repair your jacuzzi so that it gets back to doing its job of relaxing your overworked muscles. Don't just let your hot tub sit there and not work for you. You can get flexible appointments and our technicians can repair any make or model. Get the best repair rates in the Cleveland area. Not only will you find flexible scheduling and experienced technicians, with us you will also find the best rates. Don't pay more for less quality somewhere else. Enjoy outstanding service and quick results when you call and schedule an appointment to get your hot tub fixed. Be ready to entertain family and friends this weekend in your newly repaired jacuzzi. Receive the personal attention that you are looking for with our locally owned and operated business with over 15 years of experience. What you will get includes complete hot tub repair, jacuzzi maintenance services on all makes and models, low rates, and quick turnaround time. Hot tubs are incredibly relaxing and very enjoyable until a fault appears. But do not worry because Cleveland Jacuzzi Repair is here to help! We are committed to keeping the costs down for you, regularly review our charges, and ensure they are competitive while also maintaining our high standard of service. We give expert advice and customer care, providing you with the best value for your money.

Monday-Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

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