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I am a finance professional, and have been a volunteer for Sankara Eye Foundation since past 9 years.  

I am participating in Sevathon again this year, and this time, I decided to try something new - so am signed up for 27 Sun Salutations!!!  I don't think I have done more than 1-2 Sun Salutations and that too probably in childhood at school.  But, until we push ourselves we never know what we can achieve - so let's see - how far I can go :)   As one of my favorite quotes from Robin Sharma goes, "The whole game of life is the daily expansion of your talents while in hot pursuit of making the world better!" 

I have been participating in Sevathon for a couple of years. Last year I had a goal to raise funds for Sankara eye Foundation, in memory of my beloved Nanny, who, along with my Parents, taught me how to walk, talk, love, live, and make a difference.  I had pledged to run 10K and match donations upto 100 eyesurgeries.  With everyone's generosity, support and encouragement, I ended up exceeding that goal by raising $6,267, translating into 208 eye surgeries.

Hence, paying the encouragement forward, this time instead of creating a fundraising goal for my participation, I would like to encourage and support our SEF Youth Team members who are enthusiastically raising funds as well as running!  They are the Champions! 
In Gratitude,

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    We initiate and drive community eye care activities in India by working with our partner, Sankara Eye Care Institutions, India who operate and manage eight eye care hospitals all over India.
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