Brief description: Sevathon and its energy is contageous. Join to experience yourself.
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I'm a volunteer helping most non profits. I volunteer for Sevathon every year and try to help as much as I can. I bring friends and family to volunteer by encouraging them

I'm a marathoner and due to volunteer activity at Sevathon, it's difficult to participate in the run. However, I get my energy by running the last 100 meters or so with almost all the runners trying to finish their race with positive energy and close the race with a smile and few less seconds.

i help train runners as well.

I'm in ICC mostly for workouts and volunteering.

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Participating events

  • Sevathon-2016


    Run or Walk 5K/10K/Half Marathon or Yoga 27/54/108 Surya Namaskars in the spirit of Seva.
  • Sevathon-2015


    Walk or Run 5K/10K /Half Marathon or Yoga 27/54/108 Sun Salutations.

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