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 Sevathon 2019 - A Thought in due experience.  Be sure  to be part of it, create awareness arround it, be morally there for it & be the cause driving this change . What  is the change We are speaking of here ? A' change towards beating the poverty line, malnourishment, & a pang of hunger that causes a,  sea  of plight. What should compell some of you to be this change? The difference ,in the lives of these people which you have already made. 


The impact of Seva by far has reached the 3 Billion'th child in India. With, a nation that is not deprived of support ,for challenges that bear the cause of hunger & education, We from The Akshaya Patra Foundation,are here to pledge with & for The Cause, that all your contributions add for.

Be there on September 8th @Arena Green , to walk & run for Akshaya Patra in helping this cause be your thought for Seva. I;'* look forward to meeting you all there.

 -Make An Impact.

#Go Sevathon 2019'

-Thank You & Namasthe

@2019 Rashmi Siravara,


Event Chair , Akshaya Patra Foundation ,

Bay Area Chapter , USA.


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