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Brief description: ICC Sevathon 2020 ~ The Akshaya Patra Foundation
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The Cause @2021 ~ A good thought forward in due diligence. Be sure to be part of it, create awareness around it, be morally there for it & be the cause driving this change year after year . It is now, this time of year to connect & make the difference.


The Akshaya Patra Foundation’s mid-day meal program serves wholesome school lunches to over 1.8 million children, in 19,257 schools, scaling across 12 states, 55 Kitchens and 2 Union Territories in India every day.


The impact of Seva is in outreach to provide for 5 million children in India per day by 2025. With, a nation that is not deprived of support ,for challenges that bear the cause of hunger & education, We from The Akshaya Patra Foundation , are here to pledge with & for The Cause, that all your contributions add for this educative mid day maal program enhancing brain development in providing a future of thought & life.


Due to the current Covid -19 pandemic concerns, We would like to urge everyone of You & contributing Corporates to make a timely difference in the lives of the underprivileged for their everyday meals.#Help India fight Covid.
A healthy meal adds for a healthy day.By making this cause a high  priority impact ,your contributions in core & humanity will be The one of a mankind . The factors of change that  is likely to come this Marathon Year , are one's to adhere & go along with it, in succession of this Cause In Conscientiousness. #Sevathon In Progress.
The Challenge to thrive in Success For The Cause ,at such times are to bear with in kindness, empathy & compassion .Forsee Your Contribution In Impact ahead of what is of today & the change it brings in the lives of  the underprivileged. Do The Right Thing.Be The Difference By Being Committed To The Cause .Contribute Online .
Where there is a hungry under nourished child in need of a mid day meal, there is an opportunity for kindness & giving via The Akshaya Patra  mid-day meal program.
Make  A Compelling Contribution To Eradicate Hunger & Poverty By Clicking Here www.foodforeducation.org/donate/

#In Seva @2021~2022

-Thank You & Namasthe

~I ;'*#Rashmi Siravara :)


~Event Chair  For The Akshaya Patra Foundation ,

Bay Area Chapter,




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