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"Education is about making the child grow with an uncluttered intelligence. An intelligence that is not identified and entangled in culture, religion, ideology, or prejudice will naturally lead to the ultimate blossoming of the individual. " 

-       Sadhguru, Founder of Isha Foundation


Dear Friends and Family,

Please support us in our fundraising efforts towards education for children in rural India. Funds will be accepted until Sunday, July 22,2014.  One hundred percent of the funds go specifically towards Isha Vidhya, a non-profit education initiative, working for the economic and social empowerment of these children.

Isha Vidhya currently runs 8 schools (http://www.ishavidhya.org/contact-us.html) and this has had a great impact in the lives of villages in the surrounding locality. The schools presently cater to more than 3488 students from nearby villages, with approximately 60% (2050) of students on free education through donations from our scholarship program.

This has created the possibility for the rural children to pursue higher education or find gainful employment and thus build a strong foundation for the future of these children and alleviate themselves out of poverty.

Isha Vidhya functions on a grass-roots level, relying on community involvement and the support of innumerable volunteers and donors.

A little goes a long way. It only takes $20 to sponsor a child per month and $240 to sponsor a child’s education for a year. Thank you for your support!


With gratitude,

Rishi Gupta and Linda Yip

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