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Hola! This is Harini and I work as a Hardware Engineer in Silicon Valley. I have been a volunteer with Isha vidya, a non-profit initiative for rural education, since 2009 and been lucky to have great friends who joined hands in supporting education of about 20 rural children so far. I am participating in Sevathon '18 and do 108 Surya Kriya to support the education of rural children, for, I consider the gift of Education as one of the greatest empowerment for an individual. These schools have selfless teachers, highly energetic and enthusiastic first generation school-goers, excellent curriculum/activities, need-basis scholarship program and above all, a cause to bring a generation of sensible and sensitive individuals. (www.ishavidhya.org)

Every penny donated will go a long way to help these kids. No amount is ever less.

A bunch of us will  be doing Surya Namaskars/Running @ Arena Green East, San Jose, CA on Aug 19th for Isha Vidhya starting 6:30a. Please show your support by either registering to run/walk or do Surya Namaskar along or by donating here. :) 


P.S: Please do avail of matching program of your company(if applicable) while donating.

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  • Sevathon-2016


    Run or Walk 5K/10K/Half Marathon or Yoga 27/54/108 Surya Namaskars in the spirit of Seva.
  • Sevathon-2015


    Walk or Run 5K/10K /Half Marathon or Yoga 27/54/108 Sun Salutations.
  • Sevathon-2014


    Walk or Run 5K/10K /Half Marathon or Yoga 27/54/108 Sun Salutations in spirit of Seva.
  • Sevathon 2012

    Sevathon 2012

    Sevathon is the walkathon that aims to set the standard as the largest social and service platform of its kind. It recognizes, supports, and nurtures a spirit of giving by empowering individuals of diverse backgrounds to unite and strengthen their...

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