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Dear Friends,

A lot of us who are in the USA now, have felt that we should in some way contribute to the growth of our motherland India where all our roots are. We have a great opportunity now to do that with elections that are going to be held soon in India. We often blame the government or the elected representatives for every wrong thing that happens in our country or the constituencies. But how many people vote? Less than 50% in most of the places. Whoever votes, do they vote for right candidates? Well, some think their voting doesn't matter. Some people fall for immediate benefits (like money, liquor, saree) and vote for wrong people.

We need to change all these. We need more people to vote, and vote for the right candidates. We need to educate the voters in India. There is already a non-profit organization called Overseas Volunteer for Better India (OVBI) who is working towards this goal (

Our plan is to raise $1000 that would help register 3000 voters in India. Please support us in this campaign and help us reach our goal which in turn would benefit Indian people. Any contribution that you may want to make would help our India grow.

Thanks a lot for all your support!


Gururaj Narasimha and Deepa Seetharamaiah 



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