Kamya Krishnan
Brief description: Raising funds to keep 300 children in School

About me


My name is KamyaKrishnan and I need your help in realizing my goal to keep 300 kids in school.

A well-built, safe classroom is a second home to the children. The impact of spending money to build such a classroom can be seen, touched and felt for a hundred years for several 

generations while children get a strong educational foundation for the rest of their lives. 
Those classrooms will serve thousands more for many many years to come. There are 
very few social investments we can make with our money to make that huge an 
impact on lives in such as positive way. 

YOU CAN SUPPORT US… To raise funds. Please donate generously.


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  • Sevathon 2012

    Sevathon 2012

    Sevathon is the walkathon that aims to set the standard as the largest social and service platform of its kind. It recognizes, supports, and nurtures a spirit of giving by empowering individuals of diverse backgrounds to unite and strengthen their...

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    One School at a Time is a non-profit dedicated to helping rebuild infrastructure of underprivileged, rural schools in India.
  • Sevathon-2012


    Race hosted by ICC
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