Madhu Sridhar
Brief description: President and CEO of Akshaya Patra Foundation USA
Twitter username: @AkshayaPatraUSA

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Hi Friends:

I am participating in a 5K walkathon on July 15 in support of theAkshaya Patrachildren who are hungry to learn. I am counting on you to help me raise funds for them. It costs $15 to feed a child for an entire year. Please support as many children as you can to ensure that hunger is not a barrier for education for these deserving children.

Hunger is a hidden problem that over 50 million children are battling silently in India. It keeps these children out of school and forces them to take menial jobs to bring home food for their families. Hunger also impedes their ability to learn.

Akshaya Patra leverages innovative technology to deliver freshly and hygienically prepared school meals at a cost of $15 per year per child to 1.3 million children DAILY. These nutritious meals serve as an incentive for children to attend school and are a strategic intervention in education aimed at breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. The program has resulted in increased enrollment and retention; improved performance and health.

Let us keep these children in school and transform a whole generation. Address hunger, prevent child labor and create skilled workforce. Be the catalyst of hope.

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