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Dharamsala Animal Rescue was founded in order to humanely help stray dogs and protect the people of Dharamsala from rabies. There are thousands of homeless dogs living on the streets of Dharamsala, many of them sick, injured, or starving and they need your help to live a better life and to help lower these scary statistics: In India, 56,000 people per year die of rabies. 95% of the time the rabies is from a dog bite. Most of these deaths are among children who are impoverished.

There are thousands of homeless dogs living on the streets of Dharamsala. To address this issue, the Government of Dharamsala implemented a mass kill program in 2006. In 2008, Dharamsala Animal Rescue (DAR,) worked to implement humane methods called ABC (animal birth control, sterilization and vaccination). In the following years, animal rescue and adoption programs were implemented.

For 2013 we are working towards a building a sanctuary and need your help.

We are hoping as we raise awareness of our work, that we will be able to spread to the surrounding towns and the entire state of Himachal Pradesh. As you move outside of Dharamsala, the conditions severely worsen where there is no one doing this work. The animals are hungry and sick and many. In the past few months there are been some reports of human deaths by rabies in these communities. If we expand, we know that we can humanely control the population of the street dogs and have good results.
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