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As the local lung health leader, Breathe California of the Bay Area fights lung disease in all its forms and works with its communities to promote lung health.

We offer a wide array of services that address the most pressing lung health issues of our time:

Asthma Services

  • School site Asthma Education
  • Training for parents, faculty, school staff, child care providers and other health profesionals
  • unique summer camp for asthmatic children

Clean Air Programs:

  • Indoor home risk assesments
  • On-site environmental assesments and training for school faculty
  • promoting alternative fueled vehicles
  • programs to reduce the environmental inpact of wood burning & local environmental issues.

Tobacco Control Programs:

  • Ash kickers quit smoking cessation classes
  • Self-help quitting programs for adults, seniors and pregnant women
  • Peer mentor program to teach teenagers to resist the pressure related to smoking
  • provide secondhand smoke helpline

Lung Health Diseases:

  • Support groups and educate individuals with chronic lung dieases
  • Seniors breathe easy workshops
  • influenza and penumonia prevention programs
  • equipment provision for sleep apnea

And also provide Community Education, Advcacy Programs and Research Projects




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