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Voice Of a Child
's mission is to provide "Human dignity through opportunities in education".  Our goal is to strategically assist indigent people, while fostering social consciousness. Educational opportunity is the cornerstone of our approach, as we target younger population in concert with the families, governments and social groups. 

The projects that we are supporting in India are:

Our other international projects are:

This short video gives a glimpse of the life at Pazhassi Raja Tribal School and the needs we are trying to meet: 


Along with education, our projects have brought about significant changes in society such as:

         - Removing discrimination due to gender, caste and religion
         - Increasing environmental awareness
         - Creating strong moral foundation among children
         - Awareness regarding child abuse
         - Reducing infant/maternal mortality rate and so on. 

We are an all-volunteer run organization and we manage to keep our over-head costs extremely low. You can rest assured that your hard-earned money will go exactly where you intends it to go. We send regular updates to our donors about the progress of our projects. You can also Like us on Facebook to get regular updates.

VOC strongly endorses principles of One-Humanity. We believe that future of all people of our planet is closely linked and therefore we should strive to raise standard of living of all people without considerations of race, caste, religion or personal beliefs. Our work reflects initiating and enabling philanthropic activities that support, build and regenerate progressive values in society.

Voice Of a Child (VOC) is a public benefit 501(C)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in California, USA.

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