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 SiliconSage Foundation is the foundation arm of SiliconSage Builders more focused on local non-profit causes and some international as well. Prominently we have done the following:
1.       Local Issues Support

a.       Hep B Free Foundation support: We have supported Hep B Free Foundation for Santa Clara County ( in a significant way which focuses on Hepatitis B Awareness and prevention programs. Our World Cultural Event was entirely dedicated to that.

b.      World Cultural Event: We are organizing annual World Cultural Event supporting other non-profits like Hep B Free Foundation. The purpose of the event is to provide a platform to respect, admire and celebrate the huge Cultural Diversity that exits in Bay Area. As you might be aware, Bay Area has over 110 languages representing over 90% of the world population. Our goal is to create a global understanding, harmony and peace by celebrating the diversity in the form of dance, art and food from various cultures. We aspire to have 5000 attendees in 2014 event.

c.       Organs R Us: We have dedicated this year’s Sevathon proceeds to Organs R Us, a local cause. SiliconSage Builders has encouraged all its employees to attend this year’s Sevathon preferably with family by sponsoring 100% of entry fee for all employees. We have 30 attendees and all the proceeds go to Organs R Us

d.      Self-Awareness Classes: SiliconSage™ Foundation is involved in organizing Meditation and Art of Living Classes by Guruji Vinay Vinekar from August 23-26 of 2013. The goal is to provide opportunity for Bay Area people the access to World Class teachers like Guruji Vinay Vinekar ( <>  ).

2.       International Issues Support

a.       OSAAT: SiliconSage™ Foundation has supported OSAAT by being a Gold Sponsor for their 2013 fund raising event (RAAGA). One School At A Time (OSAAT) is dedicated to building schools to the poor children in remote villages of India. We would like to continue doing serious support to the cause in coming years.

b.      IUC: SiliconSage™ Foundation is a regular donar to Institute of Universal Consciousness ( <> ) to promote their motto of One World – One Family and their causes in countries like India and rest of the world.


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