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Isha Vidhya, a not for profit education initiative, works for the economic and social empowerment of rural children in the villages across southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. Through this effort, the foundation is committed to raising the level of education and literacy in rural India and to helping disadvantaged children realize their full potential.

Objective: To make quality education accessible & affordable to the rural poor

Means: 1. Building & running rural schools, providing scholarships to those who cannot afford to pay 2. Adopting Govt schools to enhance their quality through critical interventions.

Isha Vidhya:

  •  9 rural schools (8 in TN in districts of Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Cuddalore, Villupuram, Tuticorin, Nagarkoil & Dharmapuri, 1 in AP in Chittoor Dt.), creating a bright future for over 6415 children
  • Many of the students are first-generation school-goers
  • About 56% of the students are supported by full tuition scholarships. The rest pay a subsidised fee
  • Actively promote education of female children (46% are girls)
  • Transforming parental attitudes to education & increasing educational awareness in rural communities while striving to preserve village identities and culture


  • Infrastructure by way of clean and spacious classrooms
  • Science, maths and computer labs, digital classroom, library, playground and play equipment
  • Extensive audio, video and computer material augment English-medium education
  • Education beyond literacy and rudimentary skills by following a holistic approach
  • Attention to sports, arts & crafts, environmental awareness, health and yoga
  • Balanced mid-day meals containing proteins and salt fortified with 7 micro-nutrients.
  • For most children, this is the only wholesome meal of the day.
  • Most students learn even basic hygiene only in the school
  • Student teacher ratio is 19:1, with special care for slow learners
  • Total no. of employees – 311 teachers and 186 other non-academic staff

Government School Adoption Project

With experience in setting up and running schools in rural areas, Isha Vidhya is only too aware of the challenges faced by government schools. These include a high student-teacher ratio, lack of basic facilities such as toilets, benches, library books, lack of inspired teachers and a high drop-out rate among students.

Isha Vidhya is, therefore, currently carrying out critical interventions in 56 rural government schools in the districts of Coimbatore, Dharmapuri, Kanchipuram, Villupuram and Salem of Tamil Nadu, benefiting over 34,000 students. In Andhra Pradesh, a project for direct intervention in 460 Govt. schools in Kuppam, Chittoor Dt. is also benefiting over 38000 children and 2000 Govt. teachers.

Initiatives include:

  • Extensive Teacher Training using Isha Vidhya methods.
  • Special assistance to slow learners, who constitute 25% of class, through critical Remedial interventions
  • Improving children’s English language skills through special methodologies
  • Supporting holistic development through sports, yoga, environmental education, health awareness
  • Ongoing monitoring & feedback support to teachers

Isha Vidhya functions on a grass-roots level, relying on community involvement and the support of innumerable volunteers and donors.

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