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BITS Pilani Alumni Association (BITSAA) is a global non-profit organization that connects BITS Pilani Alumni with each other and to all four campuses of the Institute. The Association engages in charitable and educational activities and also aims to strengthen friendship and communication amongst students, alumni, faculty, and friends of BITS-Pilani.


The Silicon Valley Chapter of BITS Pilani Alumni Association (BITSAA-SVC) is participating in Sevathon 2013, a 5K/10K Walkathon and Half Marathon in the Spirit of Seva. The event is on July 14th.


With Sevathon 2013, BITS Pilani Alumni and friends are joining hands to  raise money for the Graduate Application Scholarship. This is one of many scholarships run by the association and has provided monetary assistance to many students for graduate school applications, which can be very expensive especially when paid in Rupees. Many students in need are rejected every year due to lack of funds, and we want to change that this year.


We urge you to sign-up as a walker/runner and make a donation, to help our cause. As as a participant you can sign up for as little as $25 and as donors you can give any amount. Your contribution will go a long way. Our goal is to sign-up 100 participants and raise $5000 in total donations this year. Most importantly, come join us and have fun!



To sign up as a Runner, click on here or on "Register" on the right side of this page.  Please remember to select “BITS Pilani Alumni Association” when completing the registration form. Sign-up the whole family! Significant others, kids, and parents are a part of the BITS family.

To make a donation, please select an amount from the right side of this page or type-in an amount and click “Donate Now”.


Thank you and see you soon!

BITS Sevathon 2013 Team
Angad Singh Gill
Praveen Joginipally
Prasanthi Relangi
Prem Talreja

For more information on Graduate Application Scholarship please visit the official website here.

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