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    SpaandanB at Sevathon-2020

    Started by SpaandanB 338 days ago
  • SpaandanB

    SpaandanB at Sevathon-2019

    Started by SpaandanB 565 days ago
    Join us for the 11th Annual SiliconSage Homes ICC Sevathon, brought to you by SiliconSage Homes on September 8th, 2019 at Arena Greens of San Jose.    Run - Walk -...
  • SpaandanB

    SpaandanB at Sevathon-2018

    Started by SpaandanB 1018 days ago
    Sevathon 2018 celebrating the 10th year of the largest showcase of Non-profits int he world.    
  • SpaandanB

    SpaandanB at Sevathon-2016

    Started by SpaandanB 1785 days ago
    What is Sevathon?Sevathon is the walkathon that aims to set the standard as the largest social and service platform of its kind. It recognizes, supports, and nurtures a spirit of giving by empowering...
  • SpaandanB

    SpaandanB at Sevathon-2015

    Started by SpaandanB 2198 days ago
    SpaandanB is a nonprofit organization listed under section 501(c) (3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. Please join us at Sevathon, Sunday July 12th at the Baylands Park and help us raise much needed...

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SpaandanB at Sevathon-2020

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