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Yoga Bharati is a non-profit, voluntary organization with a vision of enhancing Health (physical), Happiness (mental), Knowledge (intellectual) & Peace (Spiritual) in life through a holistic approach to yoga.

Yoga Bharati brings a wealth of knowledge about yoga through Yoga Teacher Training course from Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation, SVYASA, Bangalore, India. SVYASA is one of the premier Yoga Universities and yoga research institutes in India with its rich background in research on yoga's healing effects for various ailments.

Yoga Bharati welcomes you to discover the treasures of yoga and to join us in our mission of promoting yoga and related activities in the United States of America and around the world.

We conduct yoga classes, workshops, retreats, and programs aimed at creating awareness about yoga and its philosophy. Our mission is to build awareness regarding the ancient Indian philosophy, also called Sanatana Dharma and its relevance to the entire humanity. Our goal is to build a team of motivated volunteers to achieve our mission and vision. We invite learned yoga Gurus from India and also ask local experts to conduct discourses, camps and workshops.

Yoga Daan - Be a Part of our Seva
Yoga Bharati has pledged to offer yoga as a tool to bring peace and health in the world.  Our volunteers have burning passion, soothing techniques of yoga, and enriching wisdom of life to the hearts of people suffering from many physical and mental ailments or family and societal issues. The classes and courses we conduct have changed people's lives in a positive way. It is easy to donate money, but our volunteers donate their time and hard work in transforming the society, one individual at a time. We ask you to do the easy part - Donate and Support Us. We pledge to co-pay for every dollar you pay so that we stand shoulder to shoulder in your seva and yoga daan! 
Vidya Daanam Param Daanam 
- Educating is the best form of serving
 Help us help the world with the Ultimate form of Education - Yoga Vidya!

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