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"Care, Compassion, Community"

A life with Compassionate Care and Dignity for the Indian community living with serious or advanced illnesses, whether in USA or India.

In USA, we promote culturally sensitive care for members of the community in the Bay Area, by having trained hospice volunteers in our organization. In addition, we seek to empower the community by increasing awareness on issues like well thought of Advance Health Care Directives, a tool to express our wishes for medical care when we are not able to speak for ourselves.

In India, we support the mission of Pallium India to provide WHO approved pain management treatment for patients with last stage disease like cancer, so they can have a pain-free life with dignity and comfort.

  • ABOUT DONATIONS: Donations to Pallium India-USA are processed via our partner charity, Indians for Collective Action (ICA). So, when you click the 'Donate Now' button, the resulting Paypal payment page will show a banner saying: "Indians for Collective Action" --rest assured, your donation will be sent to Pallium India-USA!

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