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Do you know there are many families in the Bay area struggling to meet their basic needs, including funds to provide school meals for their children?

 Do you know millions of kids in America face the school day on an empty stomach because there isn't enough food at home? Children develop behavioral issues and hungry kids can't focus and learn.

Do you know 30 million students who rely on their schools for at least one meal a day?

Touch A Soul is a California-based first non-profit organization in the bay area, that is dedicated to serve underprivileged children by sponsoring school meals to nurture their growth toward a healthy and empowered future. As of now Touch A Soul serves 5 schools, 2 in Milpitas unified school district (MUSD) and 3 in East Palo Alto school district. About 100 plus  school children get served food through this program. Every month Touch A Soul sponsors over 800 meals every school year.

 As per the School Director of Student Nutrition Services, Milpitas, The records says since Touch A Soul started the program there is close to 20% increase in students having meal program on a daily basis. This has also allowed students to receive proper nutrition without worrying about the financial burden. In addition, this has helped minimize the negative charges that students accrued in their meal accounts, freeing up the department’s resources to focus on other aspects of the meal operations.

Your tax-deductible generous donation will help us provide nutritious meal for kid’s in the bay area, so they can focus on their education and empowerment and which is the strongest foundation for a successful kid’s future.


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