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A Future for Every Child (AFEC) was founded in January 2018 with the mission to support the journey of orphaned and vulnerable children to adulthood.

Over 400,000 children ages 6-18 live in 10,000 Child Care Institutions (CCIs) all over India. These CCIs are often poorly funded, with varying level of hygiene, nutrition and educational support; however this is often the only stable home these children have known.

Children are forced to exit the CCIs when they reach the age of 18, with little or no preparation for living an independent life. 100,000 children ages 14-18 face aging out of these shelters at any time. These children need educational support, but also need to be given the life lessons that parents usually impart to their children starting from their early teens.

We take a "whole child" approach to prepare children fully for life outside the institution. We teach Soft Skills such as communication and critical thinking, Practical Skills such as conversational English and financial literacy, and Job Skills such as vocational training and interview techniques. We support and mentor a child until he or she is established as a contributing member of society.

AFEC was founded by adoptive parents who survived their parenting years only with help and support of others in the same situation. Adoptive parenting is joyous, but can also come with a unique set of challenges. Some things that can help adoptive families weather challenges with grace are knowing you are not alone, learning from others’ experiences, being forewarned regarding possible stumbling blocks, and having pointers to resources and services already vetted by others. Also, both parents and adoptees report that what is by far the most helpful is belonging to a strong, supportive, active community, whether face to face or online. AFEC works to create a nurturing and active community for adoptive families.

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