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American Association of Social Advancement of India

American Association of Social Advancement of India

Owner: Aasai Subbu

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American Association for Social Advancement of India (AASAI)  http://www.aasai.org/ is a 501(c) (3) registered NGO.

Each of our projects are selected and mentored to become self-reliant, cross collaboration across NGOs to share their skills and resources and every one (donors, NGOs, beneficiaries) contribute something within their capabilities. 

99.5% of donation goes to support the needy causes. Our administrative expenses are less than 0.5% 

Here are the many ways your donation can help:

  • One housing unit for rehabilitated destitute women :  $5000
  • One Arecanut leaf plant for production of bio-degradable plates and cups (for serving food)  These units employ rural poor and also offer professional rehabilitation work for mentally ill destitute patients (after their treatement and recovery)   $5000  
  • One Bicycle for a student in rural India  (to assure attendance at school and not be limited by poor transport) :    $70
  • One tailoring Machine (to empower a rural poor woman to become economically self-reliant) after tailoring education:   $100
  • Salary for caretakers in rehabilitation facilities for destitute mentally ill and destitute women: $1000 to $3000 / Year

  • Adopt care for one destitute person:   $500 / Year
  • Provide food for all residents at a destitute recovery and rehabilitation center:  $150 / day
  • Contribute to Corpus fund for food, medication, equipment for treatment and rehabilitation, Education and training of rural poor, cancer screening for rural poor women, health care for poor children, education for children with special needs (e.g. Autism), etc.:            $100 to higher amounts

To Contribute press the "Donate" button on the right. 00% of your donation goes to www.AASAI.org        The Admin. expense for AASAI is less than 0.5%

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