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Relief From Cancer is a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing support to cancer patients and their families through partner NGOs in India. We evaluate the needs and impact of cancer and palliative care related nonprofit organizations in India, raise funds through events and direct donations, and make direct contributions to support the activities of our partners. We focus on providing diagnostic tests and chemo and radiation treatment as well as lodging, boarding, transportation, psychological, nutritional and palliative care to cancer patients.

Our goal is to increase the survival rate of cancer patients in India to match rates in Western countries.

Our nonprofit partners are:

CanKids (52 support units across India)

Pallium India (Trivandrum and other centers across India)

St. Jude India Childcare Center (Mumbai)

Priyanka Jariwala Memorial Foundation (Surat, South Gujarat)

Anjeze at Tata Memorial Center (Mumbai)

National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (Tampa, FL)

Soul Palliative Care Foundation (Chennai)

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