AarogyaSeva: Global Health Volunteer Alliance

AarogyaSeva: Global Health Volunteer Alliance

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AarogyaSeva: Global Health Volunteer Alliance, is a non-profit organization registered as a Section 25 not-for-profit company in India and a 501(c)3 non-profit in the USA, that provides local, sustainable and comprehensive healthcare to marginalized communities in India, USA, Nepal, Rwanda, Mexico and Haiti for low or no cost. After over ten years working in the non-profit space as a doctor who served patients free of charge, Dr. Kulkarni realized the potential of the methodology he had developed to scale up and engage more stakeholders and serve as many patients as a large hospital within a few years. AarogyaSeva provides a platform for all sectors of the healthcare industry (including pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, private practitioners, and healthcare service providers of all specialties) to serve patients in local marginalized communities. Many marginalized communities, due to lack of transportation, lack of government resources, armed conflict and other obstacles are unable to access any healthcare throughout the course of their lives. AarogyaSeva is bringing healthcare to those who need it most and may otherwise have never had access to healthcare. They have reached over 100000 beneficiaries so far and hope to touch 1 million lives in the next 2 years with about 25000 volunteers. 

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