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NIE USA Foundation

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NIE USA  Foundation

We are proud to annouce tha tNIE USA Foundation hsa been registered officialy as a non-profit entity.

  • NIE USA Foundation is a registered tax exempt entity in USA and CA.
  • Each NIE member recollect fond college memories and Nostalgia.  
  • Had a Fireside Chat with Kumar Malavalli and Ravi Srivatsav about his Entrepreneurial Journey.  
  • Fireside chat with Raju Reddy from BITSAA as to why they are passionate about giving back to BITSAA and their different initiatives. 
  • We announced need to raise 250K , several Alumnis came forward and pledged close to 37 K.  
GOALS OF NIE USA Foundation:
  1. Promote Alumni networking and professional development worldwide through ongoing mentorship programs.
  2. Establish industry relationships for internships,recruitment & research. 
  3. Establish University relationship for research and faculty training and exchange programs.  
  4. Promoting entrepreneurship and Innovation
  5. Raise funds to support infrastructure development projects for NIE 
  6. Guide and support in upgrading to state of the art facility

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