Geography for Tomorrow

Geography for Tomorrow

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Geography for Tomorrow (GFT) is an award-winning and nationally-recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, founded by Bellarmine College Preparatory Junior Arvind Sridhar, that aims to spread geo-literacy to youth. GFT strongly believes that geographical knowledge is essential for citizens of an increasingly globalized world to have, and that such knowledge will be instrumental for securing sustainable jobs and accessing new opportunities. For two years, GFT has been working with schools and libraries in San Jose and the surrounding neighborhood, holding 5 and 7-week classes for youth following set curricula. In addition to geography, GFT teaches about global issues and interconnections, earth and space sciences, and mapping technologies. GFT has been fortunate to rally 60 volunteer teachers (high schoolers and middle schoolers) to its cause, and to secure the support of National Geographic, the CA Geographic Alliance, Google Maps, Esri, and the San Jose City. To learn more about GFT, volunteer, or sign up for a session, visit and

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