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SOS Children's Villages has been present in India since 1963 and has continued to grow. Since our first Village opened over 50 years ago, we have helped thousands of children, young people and families all over India. Today, throughout India there are 40 SOS Children’s Villages in India with corresponding SOS Youth Facilities, 8 SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools, 31 SOS Social Centers, 5 SOS Vocational Training Centers, and 2 Medical Centers.

What SOS India is doing to help:  

  1. SOS Villages – SOS currently has 40 Villages throughout India with over 4,500 children living in our villages. SOS children have the benefit of a stable, loving family environment that includes the necessities of life such as clothing, meals, medical care and a high-quality education. Children remain in their SOS home within an SOS Village until they are prepared to create lives for themselves as independent adults.
  1. Education – SOS India has built various educational facilities to cater to the needs of all the children living in our villages. There are currently 6,600 children attending SOS schools throughout India. The schools are not only open to children under the care of SOS Children’s Villages, but also to other local children who are in need of a healthy school environment. In addition to the traditional primary and secondary schools, SOS India has also built two specialty schools, the SOS J N Kaul Institute which caters to the needs of qualified teachers, and the SOS Nursing School which provides valuable nursing courses to women who have grown up in the SOS Children’s Villages.
  1. Family Strengthening - SOS India recognizes one of the best ways to prevent child abandonment is to help at risk families by empowering the parents to create a better, self-sufficient future for themselves and their children. The aim of the program is to provide support for disadvantaged families faced with adverse external circumstances such as poverty, disease, violence, natural disasters and armed conflict. Our Family Strengthening Program is currently serving over 7,000 families in 31 locations throughout India.

SOS Children's Villages is the largest NGO provider of loving homes for orphaned and abandoned children around the world. We are present in 134 countries and have over 540 Villages. Through our family-based care, family strengthening inititaives, and other programs, we touch the lives of over 1 million people each year. 

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