Project Roshni (Support Group of Prajwala)

Project Roshni (Support Group of Prajwala)

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                                                Girls are not for $ale

Trafficking story: Sujatha

When Sujatha was in Secondary School, she received a bad grade on an exam. She was too ashamed to go home and face her parents so she went to a bus station to run away. While at the bus station she was approached by a woman who promised Sujatha a job, one that her parents would be proud of. Sujatha believed the woman and followed her, eventually into a brothel where was forced into prostitution.

Trafficking story: Michelle

Michelle grew up in the foster care system in the USA. She never felt like anyone was looking out for her. One day she met a nice guy but as she got to know him more, he became emotionally abusive. He then convinced her that the only way for them to make enough money and to build a life for themselves was for her to sell herself.

Stories like Sujatha’s and Michelle’s are not uncommon. Do you know?

  •  Sex Trafficking is the 2ndlargest organized crime in the world.  It’s a 32 Billion dollar industry.
  • Every 60 seconds a girl is sold into sex trafficking.
  • 2 Million children every year are forced into prostitution
  • Young girls from 3-16 years old are induced into Sexual Slavery

 What is Project Roshni?

We are "Project Roshni", an independent support group of Prajwala. Prajwala is an anti-trafficking Non-Profit Organization founded by Padmshree Dr. Sunitha Krishnan(Winner of Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, CIVICUS Innovation, CNN-IBN Real Hero Award, Human Rights Award, Living Legends and Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report Heroes  awards) who dedicated her life to rescue, rehabilitate and re-integrate sex trafficked victims. Prajwala has rescured more than 12,000 women and children. Project Roshni conduct awareness event about Sex Trafficking and provides financial support to Prajwala shelter in Hyderabad, India.

 How can I help?

 Walk/Run/Donate at Sevathon 2016 to prevent “Sex Trafficking” 

“Let’s counter an organized crime by organizing ourselves, our thoughts, our solidarity and our efforts.”

Register as a runner or support this cause by making a donation. Your contribution will help us fight sexual slavery of young girls and children.

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