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For those of us who are fortunate to have an education to succeed in our lives, it can only bring joy to share our success and make that dream a possibility for the next generation - IndiaTEAM helps the dream come true with every one of your help. A small contribution equivalent to the cost of a single lunch goes a long way - giving the young ones some hope for a better future. Those smiling little faces are proof positive that we can make this world a better place - in our own small way.

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  • To bring awareness of education in all the areas in Motherland.
  • To improve the infrastructure of poor schools in Motherland.
  • To help the children boost their self-confidence and change their lives.



For a bright tomorrow, educating today is the key. Educating the children of Motherland will light up many future homes and families that in turn bears the fruit of a lifted and sprited society. Uplifting child education is one noble thing that resides on every wishful mind. TEAM accomplishes this by helping under-previleged schools that needs the basic amenities. Help one school - around 100 children benefits every year. Help 100 schools and you help 10000 children every year.


  • Reach out to more schools.
  • Build every school as a TEAM dream school.


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