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SRI (Society for Rural Improvement is a Registered, Non Profit, Tax exempt organization committed to provide socio-economic support to the poorest rural women.  While the short term goals are to supplement the meager resources for subsistence, the long term objectives are Poverty Alleviation, Economic Independence and Social Emancipation of the poorest rural women.  It incorporates the model of Grameen Banking System of Bangladesh with necessary modifications.

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Building social assets along with economic assets are very important to achieve any meaningful results in our poverty alleviation efforts.  Empowerment of women is an integral and significant part of it. 

When we empower a woman, we are empowering a family, and thereby society.  Therefore, SRI endevours to focus on the socio-economic development aspects of the poor women.  On the social side, the emphasize is on education, health, sanitation, access to drinking water, eradication of social evils, such as dowry, child labour etc.  On the economic side, SRI is committed to provide collateral free micro-credit for a meaningful income generating activities, and micro-entrepreneurship and eventually guide them to be independent, and be masters of their own destiny, breaking the age old dependency syndrome.

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