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Why Water?


India is in the grip of extreme water poverty - 54% of India faces high to extremely high water stress and severe drought impacts over 25% of India's population. If this vicious cycle is not reversed rapidly, we will see increased farmer suicides, mass migrations and human suffering in a scale unimaginable.


During the last three years, Overseas Volunteers for a Better India (OVBI), a US-based non-profit has worked with nearly 300 drought-stricken villages on water infrastructure and education. Partnering closely with government bodies, ex-ISRO scientists, other NGOs and local communities, OVBI has helped de-silting water bodies, build micro-dams, recharge wells in 105 villages. Building on this foundation and on-ground experience, OVBI is on a mission to Eliminate Water Poverty in 5000 villages by 2023 and scale it to the entire nation by 2030.


Our vision is to transform India from a state of water poverty to water surplus by 2030.


With a donation of only $1500, you can help OVBI eliminate water poverty in one village of 2000 residents.

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