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India Water Project


Where there is Water, there is Life.

Today India faces a massive water crisis. 330 million people in 250,000 villages are short of water. Farmers are the worst affected, with 17,000 farmers committing suicide every year and millions more living in deep distress burdened by crushing debt.

This is a man-made crisis resulting from indiscriminate deforestation, unplanned urbanization, and illegal encroachments. However there is hope. Geoscientists have developed solutions for reversing this damage.

Ex-ISRO geoscientists in partnership with the Art of Living, India have implemented these solutions to raise water tables over thousands of sq. miles, enabling farmers to grow multiple crops per year and increasing their income many fold. OVBI has now joined the partnership with a goal to bring water sufficiency to 500 villages in the most drought affected areas of India, benefitting 1 million people by 2022.

For more information: Satej Chaudhary | satej.chaudhary@overseasvbi.org | (202) 468-9474

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