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  • Katha Sridevi
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    Katha Sridevi

  • Brahma Kumaris
  • SELF Educate
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    SELF Educate

    SELF Educate provides help to deserving students for completing the final years of education to realize the dreams of a family and provide a platform for sustenance for several years to come.
  • Action For India
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    Action For India

    Fostering Social Entreprenuership successes using technology
  • San Jose Youth Symphony
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    San Jose Youth Symphony

    The San Jose Youth Symphony (SJYS) is located in San Jose, California, and is one of the oldest and finest youth orchestras in the West Coast of the United States
  • Sourcewise
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    Our mission is to provide adults and their caregivers the tools and services they need to effectively navigate their health and life options. Through a comprehensive network of resources, Sourcewise strives to educate, prepare, support, and advocate for all adults, their families, and their caregivers within Santa Clara County.
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    Focusing on Healthy Aging and care for people with serious illnesses.
  • Academy of Indian Culture
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    Academy of Indian Culture

    Promote Indian Art forms


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