Sricharan's Non-Profits

  • India Literacy Project
    • 47 members

    India Literacy Project

    To educate, to empower and to be a catalyst for a 100% literate India is India Literacy Project's (ILP) ambition as a non-profit
  • Isha Vidhya
    • 175 members

    Isha Vidhya

    Isha Vidhya, an Isha Education Initiative, is committed to raise the level of education and literacy in rural India and help disadvantaged children realize their full potential.
  • Pratham USA
    • 45 members

    Pratham USA

    Pratham's mission is to improve the quality of education in India and to ensure that all children in India are not only attending but thriving in school. Using very low-cost and scalable methods, Pratham has emerged as one of the world's largest non-profit organizations in the field of primary education.
  • Narika
    • 39 members


    Let's come together and do some Yoga, Walk or Run to promote women’s independence and economic empowerment from domestic violence.
  • Maitri
    • 125 members


    Provides Free & Confidential Help to survivors of Domestic Violence
  • Asha for Education


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