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  • Touch A Soul
    • 3 members

    Touch A Soul

  • Hope4Harper
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  • Huichol Center
    • 32 members

    Huichol Center

    During the last four decades, Susana Valadez, currently a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, has spearheaded numerous strategies to bolster the odds for their cultural survival, including: ethnographic documentation, Huichol language education, programs that foster economic self-sufficiency through the production of native arts, incentives for the conservation of ancient shamanic traditions, and the elimination of hunger through practices that insure food and water security.
  • TRDNR.org (Transplant Recipient Donor Network Registry)
    • 1 members

    TRDNR.org (Transplant Recipient Donor Network Registry)

    TRDNR.org is the registry for recipients donors care givers and those looking for organs.
  • Jaipur Foot
    • 3 members

    Jaipur Foot

    Providing prosthetics, artificial limbs, calipers and other physical aids and appliances, free of charge, to disabled people since 1975
  • A Future For Every Child
    • 2 members

    A Future For Every Child

    To support a dignified journey of orphaned and vulnerable children to adulthood.
  • Hope4Harper- #Reynascure
    • 2 members

    Hope4Harper- #Reynascure

    CDKL5 enzyme replacement therapy by Dr. Bhami Shenoy
    • 2 members



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