Frequently Asked Questions

Category: Pledge page setup

How to setup personal Pledge Page

Confirm that you are registered as a runner for your non-profit for Sevathon-2014.

You will then have the donation widget added to your profile page for the Non-Profit you selected.   

Steps to setup Pledge Page:

  1. Login in to KonnectMe
  2. Click on profile icon picture (left topmargin bar) or
  3. my profile under the navigations links in the left side bar on the Home page.   
  4. Make sure you have joined the cause for your Non-Profit Sevathon 
  5. Donation widget for the default cause of your Non-Profit will be automatically added to your profile
  6. Click on setting wheel on the donation widgets
  7. Update personal fundraising goal  a dollar number that you wish to raise and click on Save.
  8. Update your personal story why you are connected with the cause.
For those who wish to fundraise and not registered to run for Sevathon:
1 Please register on KonnectMe.
Visit the non-profit page that you are interested in supporting and click on the third tab Our Causes under the donation progress bar.
Click on the cause and join the cause.  
A donation widget for the cause will be added to your personal profile page. Follow the steps as above for a registered runner from here on.
Here is an example of good pledge page.

Invite friends by sharing the link on the page