Non-Profit partners

  • Saloni Heart Foundation

    Saloni Heart Foundation

    Provide free unbiased advice from the world's best doctors to families of children with complex heart condition.

  • Heart to Heart (H2H) Foundation USA

    Heart to Heart (H2H) Foundation USA

    H2H wants to break the vicious “health-poverty cycle” and enable 5000 free surgeries in 2019.

  • Voice of Specially Abled People

    Voice of Specially Abled People

    Empower Specially Abled People with Accessibility, Education, Employment using innovative VOSAP mobile app

  • Organization for rare diseases India, USA (ORDIUSA)

    Organization for rare diseases India, USA (ORDIUSA)

    Organization for Rare Diseases India in USA ( is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity with the vision to foster collaborations between patient advocacy groups and researchers in USA, India, and other countries to help accelerate clinical research, trials and therapy access across borders.


    Global Gita Convention Presented by Center For Inner Resources Development North America (CIRDNA)

  • Huichol Center

    Huichol Center

    During the last four decades, Susana Valadez, currently a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, has spearheaded numerous strategies to bolster the odds for their cultural survival, including: ethnographic documentation, Huichol language education, programs that foster economic self-sufficiency through the production of native arts, incentives for the conservation of ancient shamanic traditions, and the elimination of hunger through practices that insure food and water security.

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