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Congratulations on your decision to partner with the ICC & other community organizations for Sevathon 2019. We would also like to extend a very warm welcome to your team. We are excited to work with you and it is imperative we work together to make this a grand success! Partnering with community organizations is a great way for the ICC to reach out to the community. The ICC looks forward to continued engagement with its Partners to help build the “Service” component its charter. The ICC also seeks to leverage from the expertise that Partners bring to Sevathon 2018 in creating a successful event. In order to partner for Sevathon 2019, the NPO must be a registered and an active 501(c)3 organization. As a Sevathon 2019 Partner, to help everyone involved understand the benefits, expectations and responsibilities, this document/MOU has been put together to clarify expectations. We value your partnership and would like to avoid any miscommunications. Should you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact the Sevathon 2019 Partnership team. Sevathon 2019 – The Event Sevathon 2019 The Event This is a unique event to bring community organizations, walkers/runners, cultural teams & members of the community together. Date & Time: Septermber 8th,2019 at 6:30 am Sevathon 2019 will have two parts - - Half Marathon / 5K / 10K Walkathon – A common website where the Partners can direct their teams / runners to register. . - A cultural presentation immediately following the walkathon to maximize value for Partners & Sponsors. This is a free cultural show & there is no registration. In addition, lots of exciting activities have been planned for guests of all ages to make this a vibrant and fun filled family event. Details about children’s activities will be online. ~3500 runners / walkers to attend. Sevathon 2018 - Partner Benefits To join hands as “Partners” and unite as a community to encourage, appreciate & celebrate the spirit of “Seva” (service) An opportunity for each organization to showcase it's unique mission of Seva. To educate anyone who is part of Sevathon 2018 about your organization through informative displays and publicity on ICC site leading up to the event. Minimal overhead of organizing an event of this magnitude for any one organization. Leverage from help & experience that each Partner can provide. All committees on Sevathon 2018 are represented by members of different organizations. Low financial risk as ICC is picking up all the event costs upfront. To provide a platform for your organization to build a network of Volunteers, Donors & Sponsors at Sevathon 2018. Potential Media Exposure and the ability educate local community/city officials about your cause. Provide one common website for runners to register for the organization of their choice. Provide infrastructure for every Partner to setup their Pledge website through event management site. List of all the names of the runners/walkers registered in support of your organization for the event. Post Sevathon 2018, potential to continue partnerships and networking with ICC and other Sevathon 2018 partners. Sevathon 2018 - Financial Breakdown While there is a great benefit to the Partner, the ICC bears the full cost upfront for organizing Sevathon 2015. ICC wants to ensure Sevathon 2018 remains a sustainable program and is able to provide substantial benefit to Partners. In order to achieve this: Partnership Fee: Partner to pay a nominal charge of $250/- to underwrite the costs for publicity, event participation and event insurance. $25 5K/ $30 10K Walkathon $50 Half marathon pre-registration: - To be paid for by Walkers/Runners - 50% to go toward covering costs (for T-shirt, event management setup, etc.) - 50% to go to the NPO runner chooses to support. Pledges: - Each Partner can pursue seeking pledges from interested donors for their organization/cause/event. - 100% of all pledges to go to the Partner. - Partners to monitor pledges thru their own website or thru website they choose to setup thru event management website. Partners with 501(c)3 certification will qualify to solicit donations via event management site. - Pledge checks & transactions are handled directly by Partner. Sponsorships: The ICC requests your organization to pursue sponsors as Sevathon 2018 is also a fundraiser to benefit the different causes. Sevathon 2018 - Partner Responsibilities Partner must be a registered and an active 501(c)3 organization. To Sign MOU & provide Partnership Fee of $250.00. Just as ICC would, Partner to publicize event thru distribution lists & other publicity venues. Requirement to distribute specific messages to your email list about Sevathon as provided by the Sevathon outreach committee. To build team of runners and get them to register for Sevathon 2015. Partner would need to register 20 runners to recover the $250 partnership fee. To work with their sponsors for sponsorships. Each partner to provide sponsor/ business name to Sevathon 2018 Sponsorship team. This is to help manage sponsorship drive and prevent multiple organizations from contacting the same sponsor repeatedly & maximize contribution from the sponsor. There is no requirement on raising a certain minimum sponsorship. To provide Sevathon 2018 Partnership team with the following: - Partner’s 501(c)3 IRS letter from Department of Treasury - Partner’s W9 form - Mission statement (3 to 4 sentences only) - Partner’s website - Partner’s contact info (name & email) - High resolution logo - Link to pledge site Time Commitment: Partner representative(s) must participate in bi-weekly meetings to help with planning & execution. Volunteer Commitment: Commit at least 2 volunteer to help in the planning process or 2 or 3 for on the day of Sevathon activities. Set up a separate pledge fundraising page on event management site to generate donations where 100% will go the partner organization. Note: the event management page may charge a fee for processing the pledge amount. Partner can choose to use their existing pledge/donation web link. Sevathon 2018 - Responsibilities of the ICC Provide infrastructure for the event planning and execution. Cover all event costs upfront – for walkathon, ½ marathon & cultural program. Provide marketing infrastructure to publicize the event (website, newsletter, community boards). Provide Partner a 1 table and 2 chairs on event day to exhibit their information. Invite all relevant social & community associations / organizations to participate. Engage with event management company to setup walkathon registration website. Print Sevathon T-shirts for runners. Timely payment of the walkathon registration check to Partners post Sevathon 2019 provided Partner has turned in 501c3 and W9 to ICC. We look forward to working as “Partners” to make Sevathon 2019 a successful event! Do you agree with the terms and conditions listed above?
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